Slot Machines go to the Movies

Slot Machines go to the Movies

Video slot machines that are movie-themed are very popular, especially when the tie in is well done. Despite the fact most movies have a very short shelf life and impact, there are always plenty of people who will create slot machines based on the latest blockbuster.

Slots are also available for classic films and movies that have been around longer. This is a safer option as you will always have a loyal and steady fan base. The Star Wars slot will always have a steady stream of players. The same goes for Top Gun. These slot machines have a loyal following and regular stream of players at Vegas casinos and other locations.

The Lord of the Rings Slot is slot deposit dana a recent example of a well-done movie themed slot. The background and graphics are taken directly from the movie, with some cutaways. There is also a wide range of bonus games. This is the most popular slot right now and well worth your time.

There are many other movies-based slots out. You can see if life is as simple as a box of chocolates in the Forrest Gump Slot, or be terrified by King Kong.

The Blonde Legend Slot Machine, which is based upon Marilyn Monroe, is one of our favorite movie-themed slots. There are many great Marilyn Monroe photos in the bonus game. You get more Marilyn in the bonus game. Let’s hope that movie-themed slots will be around for a while.